Rudy Saviano

Background & work experience


The Founder and CEO of RSI, Rudy Saviano entered the Not for Profit industry in 2000.    Since then he has been involved in more than 2,000 Fundraising events.  Driving revenues for the Not for Profit Community is his passion.  He works closely with charities to help them maximize their opportunity to raise support levels at their events.  RSI has developed a diversified product mix which blends different categories with a wide range of prices, to include every attendee at every event as a potential bidder.  He is well known for his ability to generate excitement in a room and make auctions and pledge programs entertaining and profitable.  Successful Fund Raising involves getting people to understand why they are giving, and inspiring them to help others.


Rudy has an incredible gift to relate to audiences and explain the night’s mission. He engages each attendee at the event and interacts with them on an emotional level. His success rate at conducting a Pledge Program is unsurpassed.  He often times exceeds the charities expectations.  His demeanor is always uplifting and his message always comes from a place of sincerity. He is a well respected figure in the Fundraising arena.  He is often times called upon as a resource to help charities develop a strategic plan for the event. Rudy is a true charity partner. 

Lisa Vincenzi