Paint Party FUN!

              FUN, INTERACTIVE & MEMORABLE!  An effortless way to host an event to drive revenue & promote your mission.

      RSI will handle EVERYTHING you need to host your event!    All you have to do is Choose a Date and  Promote and Sell Tickets                                                                                                   Cost is ONLY $25 pp

RSI will handle all execution of the event. We will provide all staff, supplies, venue, setup & cleanup.

You can choose a 16 X 20 canvas or TWO oversized 20 oz wine glasses to create

* Interactive & Engaging Presenter who instructs step by step * Talented artists who paints the nights project live

* Paint Party helpers to assist guests in execution and supplies

All you have to do is Choose a Date and  Promote and Sell Tickets
 RSI will create personalized flyers, posts for social media, and a link where your supporters can purchase tickets via Eventbrite. We will handle all payments & Registration for your event!

Your charity receives every dollar over the $25 ticket price!

Ex: sell your  tickets for $45- Your organization makes $20 Profit per ticket sold.

You show up, Greet your Guests & Simply Have Fun!
    We will provide a professional artist, all art supplies, your hosting venue and take care of everything from set up to clean up. Your guests will enjoy a memorable experience, support a great cause, and leave with their own masterpiece!

Some Paint Party Options