Corporate Giving Program


It all started when…

In speaking with our charity partners we found out that finding sponsorships to fund their events is a full time job leading up to the event. It is an investment for the corporations and many times it is difficult to rely on the same companies year after year due to their own budget projections. Even after our not for profits gain the event level sponsorships, they are in need of funding for their ongoing programs, projects or initiatives. This is where RSI came in to help. We developed a program where corporations can have a NO COST sponsorship opportunity to help fund their favorite charities of choice without having to over extend their budget or chose which events or programs they can support.  We will provide the charities and the companies with a platform where everyone wins!

How does this program work?

RSI will come set up a sale at the corporations establishment offering artwork, sports memorabilia, music & entertainment memorabilia, patriotic items, jewelry, handbags and more all at drastically discounted prices. 

20% of the ENTIRE sale will be donated to the corporations charity of choice!

RSI will provide all product, staffing, collection of funds and even promotion of the charity as well as recognition on all of our social media sites as well as our website as a Corporate Charitable Partner!  Gain exposure for being a company that cares.

additional benefits:

Our program is designed to be a benefit from every angle. Of course the charity wins by becoming a benefactor from the sponsors sale. The corporation WINS by being acknowledged & published for being a Corporate Charitable Partner who cares about their community. And even your Employees benefit by having items offered at drastically discounted prices as an employee appreciation event. Many of our corporations even give their employees "funny money vouchers" to be able to redeem as a holiday incentive or a team building and moral boosting initiative.

The possibilities and benefits are endless.

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Some examples of a Corporate Giving Set -up.

Our display is always clean, professional & set in a gallery display. Descriptions & prices for each item easily displayed and friendly staff members to help answer any questions and process payments.