8 things you should know about our Silent Auctions


  1. We work EXCLUSIVELY with not for profits and have a true understanding of the what it takes to host a successful fundraiser.
  2. We provide a huge variety of professionally framed merchandise including; sports memorabilia, artwork, animation, entertainment and music memorabilia, ladies accessories, and great experience packages. We offer a great selection of product at a wide range of price points. This allows every attendee the opportunity to take part in your auction.
  3. All merchandise is professionally displayed on easels, creating a beautiful and engaging display.
  4. All bid sheets will be personalized for your event.
  5. We provide professional and knowledgeable auctioneers to fully handle every aspect of your auction, from setup, to payment collection, and tear down.
  6. We offer the lowest minimum bids in the industry to maximize the number of items  bid on while providing the opportunity for overbids.
  7. Your Organization receives 30% of all min bid PLUS 60% of all overbids.
  8. It is a completely FREE SERVICE! - No charge for staffing, travel, custom paperwork, etc.
Lisa Vincenzi