Michel Delacroix

Michel Delacroix’s charming historical scenes of Paris capture impressions of nostalgic and romantic moments. Combined with these early recollections are memories of the stories Delacroix’s nanny told him about Paris before World War I. As a child Michel discerned only the splendor.... horse drawn carriages, gas-lit lamps, hot air balloons and bustling crowds - not a struggle and strife that the Parisian working class was experiencing during this time of war.

Although Paris has changed over the years, Delacroix’ scenes maintain a timelessness because of the naïf tradition in which he paints. He imbues each image with an intimate quality as he conveys the idealism of an era past. Michel’s style has been called “naive” because of his candidness; however, his works are created with the skill and knowledge of the well-educated artist. His skillful paint application, precise details and subtle palette are beautiful and captivating.