Graciela Rodo Boulanger

As one of the most widely known artists to come from South America today, this unusually gifted artist, a longtime resident of Paris, is internationally recognized particularly for her unique treatment of the continuous theme of children, coloured by the cultural element of her native Bolivia.

Graciela Rodo Boulanger has earned an international reputation with nearly 150 exhibitions on all five continents. In 1979 she was designated by UNICEF as the official artist for the "International Year of the Child" poster.

Graciela Boulanger was immersed in music and art at an early age. When she was only 11, she joined the studio of Rimsa, a Bolivian artist for tutorage. At 15 she attended the National Conservatory of Music and the Academy of Art in Chile.

In 1952 Boulanger moved to Vienna to study at both the Conservatory and at the Dunstakakademie. By the age of 17, she had already exhibited paintings and given piano recitals in La Pat, Buenos Aires, Vienna, Satzburg and Zurich.

While living in Buenos Aires concertizing and exhibiting, she Boulanger saw an etching by the artist, Johnny Friedlaender which aroused in her an overwhelming desire to go to Paris and study printmaking in his famous atelier.

Graciela Boulanger arrived in Paris in 1961 and worked with Friedlaender for seven years. Her style matured and she began to get worldwide recognition for her lithographs, oils and etchings.

Since that time Graciela Boulanger has published works in all media and has exhibited and been collected worldwide.