Diane Romanello Signed PrintsDiane Romanello Signed Prints

Diane Romanello is a self-taught artist, whose scenic paintings are characterized by a sense of beauty and romance, inviting the viewer into a serene, natural world.

Five of the ten best selling posters in the world belong to Diane. The Wall Street Journal cited her work as one of the best investments among living artists in the United States.

Diane’s paintings blend luxuriant and soothing color with sumptuous textures, her brush strokes are evident in every image. Her luminous beach scenes, landscapes,gardens, and country retreats merge elements of fantasy with realism accomplished by the artist’s keen sense of light, texture and composition.

Original paintings by Diane Romanello are now selling in the range of $15,000 to $25,000. Her work hangs in some of the finest galleries and homes in the world.

The story of Diane’s success is the stuff America is made of! Her talent brought her to a level of improbable acceptance in the art world. She embodies the hopes of everyone who has a dream!

Based on Long Island, Diane is a true American Treasure!