Our Mission

Our Team


RSI Fundraising Partners is a professional full service fundraising organization participating in more than 150 charitY EVENTS per year. We offer a range of products including artwork, sports memorabilia, animation, entertainment, experience packages, and ladies' accessories.

  • Professional service since 2000

    RSI was founded by CEO,Rudy Saviano in March of 2000. The company started slowly, doing only 10 auction events that year, but by 2002, their schedule included more than 100 auctions. For the past 4 years, RSI has conducted auctions for more than 200 nonprofit organizations each year.

  • Often imitated but never duplicated

    RSI revolutionized the relationship between the Auctioneer and the Not For Profit community. As RSI gained market share, through their professional approach and fair minded revenue sharing formulas, other auction companies were forced to fall in line. Through the years, RSI has amassed an inventory that offers more variety and options than any other company in the market.

  • We're not retailers or wholesalers, we're fundraisers

    What has always separated RSI from it’s competition is it’s business model. Unlike most companies that engage in the Not For Profit Fundraising Auctions, RSI is not engaged in Retail, Wholesale or any other Enterprises. RSI is a company devoted to helping Not For Profits raise Event Driven Revenues.


A great team

We are a team of friendly and professional experts who know how to deliver value and maximize fundraising results for our partners.

We believe in partnership

Our techniques are proven and effective. Our approach is to listen, exceed your expectations, form a true and loyal partnership, and to build a lasting relationship.

We value professionalism

Our presentation is always professional, with all items well displayed to create that gallery feeling.

Full service

We are a full service company, handling everything including setup, display, staffing, break down, and the collection of funds. Our revenue sharing plans are the most generous in the business.